forensicservicesThe Forensic Services Unit is responsible for:

  • Processing crime scenes
  • Evidence collection
  • Forensic photography
  • Processing evidence involving crimes against persons (i.e. Robbery, Homicide, Sexual Assaults, and Property Crime i.e. Breaking and Entering)
  • Evaluating and interpretation of evidence after processing
  • Collecting and comparing fingerprints from crime scenes and evidence submitted for individualizations
  • Assisting in processing for Major Crimes scenes and evidence for smaller surrounding agencies upon their request.
  • Testifying in court on the evidence collected at crime scenes, the methods used in processing of evidence and the results of processing and how it relates to the crime.

Evidence processing takes place in the Forensic Services Unit laboratory, which offers a multitude of modern equipment. The presence of advanced equipment and processing methods aides in solving cases, arresting criminals, and preparing cases for prosecution.
The Forensic Services Unit is also responsible for the intake, storage and management of all property and evidence. The units evidence control personnel are responsible for all research into and action taken in the proper disposition of property and evidence.
The Forensic Chemistry Section analyzes all unknown substance to include controlled substances for the Sheriff’s Office and other agencies upon request on a case by case basis.
Specially trained Forensic Investigators are tasked with the reconstruction of Scene’s of Crime against person’s, such as shooting incident reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis.

The only truly impartial witness available to the court is physical evidence and the only way its value is diminished is in its handling and interpretation. Having professional Forensic Analysts and Detectives ensures that the value of physical evidence is available to the court in its most objective and complete state.

Contact: 252-902-2750 Contact person: Lt. Ken Ross