Crime Stoppers

We want upstanding citizens to be active in their efforts to report crime—that’s why we protect the information of those who report through our system. It’s a guarantee that when you make a call to Crimestoppers that your responsibility ends with the call. No need to fear retaliation from a perpetrator—your call to Pitt-Greenville Crime Stoppers will be anonymous and no personal information will be requested. If your information leads to an arrest or the recovery of stolen property, you could receive up to $5,000 in reward money. Perhaps even greater than the possibility of a reward is the knowledge that with your help, a criminal will be removed from our streets and thereby unable to cause further damage to other people or property. Your one call could save the lives and livelihoods of people right here in our community.

If one person’s tip can make such a difference, imagine what kind of difference participation from the entire community could mean to the crime rates in Pitt County.

Do your part to keep our community safe for yourself and others—support Crime Stoppers.

Call Lt. Kip Gaskins at 252- 902-2724 for additional information.

If you want to give an anonymous tip on a crime call 252-758-7777 or
report with your cell: TEXT “PITTGV” & INFO TO 274637